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Automate web tasks with simple scripts

Boxkite is a scriptable browser that runs on the cloud. You can use it to automate web tasks. Define a task in the built-in scripting language, execute it using the HTTP API and get the results as JSON, image or PDF.

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 * This script search for a term in DuckDuckGo
 * and returns the results as a JSON object

// visit the site by given URL, implicilty waits for DOM content to load

// type the given text in the field identified by the selector
do("type", text: "SpaceX", selector: "#search_form_input_homepage")

// click the button identified by the selector
do("click", selector: "#search_button_homepage")

// wait for the element(s) matching the selector to appear

// extract the content from different elements on page,
// using a GraphQL like query object.
  results(".result") {
    url(".result__url", "href")

// alternative: uncomment the line below to capture a screenshot
// capture(format: "png")

What can I do with Boxkite?

Why should I use Boxkite?

If you are wondering how this is different to tools like Selenium, Puppeteer, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, PhantomJS, etc.

Overall, you will save time and money to focus on work that matters to your business.

Built from the learnings of Page.REST,, and

We are currently serving more than hundred paid customers through our early APIs.

Boxkite was built from the learnings from those users who come from early-stage startups to large organizations like Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, Google Sales and Hubspot.

Don't know how to code?

Got a task to automate but don't know how to code it? No worries, we can help you to set up the scripts for your tasks. Talk to us.

Are you a developer?

We are setting up a marketplace for sharing and monetizing your automation scripts.

Join us if you're interested in generating a passive income stream.

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